Making arabic sofa and majlish and repair

Making Arabic sofas and majlis is a specialized service that aims to create unique and authentic furniture pieces that reflect Arab heritage and meet the needs of the space. The process includes the following:

Consultation and Design: A consultation appointment is scheduled to discuss your preferences and requirements. The expert will present possible designs and features for creating the Arabic sofa and majlis, such as leg shapes, wood carvings, cushion styles, and upholstery patterns.

Material and Color Selection: You will be able to choose suitable materials for the Arabic sofa and majlis, such as wood, fabric, leather, and embroidery. You can also select colors that suit your space’s decor and reflect the distinctive Arab character.

Manufacturing and Detailing: After finalizing the design and material selection, the specialized workshop will manufacture the Arabic sofa and majlis according to the desired specifications. Advanced craftsmanship techniques will be employed to ensure quality and durability.

Detailing and Decoration: The beautiful Arab detailing and decorations will be applied to the sofa and majlis, such as intricate wood carvings and elaborate cushion and upholstery details. The workshop will work towards achieving Arab aesthetics and elegance in the furniture piece.

Delivery and Installation: Once the Arabic sofa and majlis are finished, they will be delivered to your location and professionally installed. Proper and beautiful installation of the furniture piece will be ensured to perfectly blend with your space.

Sofa and Majlis Repair:
If you have an Arabic sofa or majlis that needs repair, you can also benefit from professional furniture repair services. The service includes the following:

Assessment: A skilled technician will visit the site and assess the condition of the furniture and the problem that needs repair. They will provide you with an estimate of the cost and time required for the repair.

Repair and Component Replacement: The technician will repair or replace damaged parts. This may include repairing the wood frame, replacing cushions or upholstery, or restoring wood carvings.

Restoration and Polishing: If there is a need for furniture restoration to bring it back to its original condition, surface polishing and carving restoration will be done to revive the piece.

Reupholstering: If reupholstering is needed, the old fabric can be replaced with new fabric that reflects Arab aesthetics and traditions.