Making new sofa and repair sofa

Making New Sofa:
Making a new sofa is a specialized service that helps you obtain a custom-designed sofa for your space and taste. The process includes the following:

Consultation: A consultation appointment is scheduled to discuss your preferences and requirements. The expert will review the space and provide suggestions and advice regarding the design of the new sofa.

Design and Fabric Selection: Based on the discussions in the consultation, you will select suitable fabrics, colors, and patterns for your new sofa. You can choose from a variety of materials and finishes offered by the sofa manufacturing company.

Frame and Upholstery Construction: The wooden frame for the sofa will be constructed with attention to detail and proper engineering design. The upholstery will then be executed using the chosen fabrics and the best craftsmanship techniques to achieve a high-quality result.

Detailing and Additions: You can customize details such as arms, seat count, stitching patterns, and additional decorations you want to add to the sofa. The manufacturer will work towards realizing your vision and creating a unique and perfectly fitting sofa for your space.

Delivery and Installation: Once the sofa manufacturing is complete, it will be delivered to your location and professionally installed. This includes providing the necessary tools and equipment to accurately and efficiently install the sofa.

Sofa Repair:
If you have a sofa that needs repair, you can also benefit from professional sofa repair services. The service includes the following:

Assessment: A technician will visit the site and assess the condition of the sofa and the problem that needs repair. They will provide you with an estimate of the cost and time required for the repair.

Repair and Component Replacement: The technician will repair damaged parts of the sofa such as the wooden frame, foam, springs, and legs. If there is a need to replace a specific part due to damage, that will also be done.

Reupholstering: If the upholstery is damaged, it can be repaired or replaced with new fabric that matches the sofa, restoring its beauty and comfort.

Installation and Assembly: After repairing the sofa, the technician will properly install and assemble all components according to professional standards.