Selling Wallpaper and Installation

Selling wallpaper and providing installation services is a specialized service that helps you select and purchase new wallpaper and have it professionally installed. Here is a detailed explanation of the process:

Consultation and Selection: The process begins with a consultation session to discuss your preferences and requirements regarding wallpaper. You will work with a specialist to choose a suitable design, color, and style that complements your space’s decor.

Measurements and Estimation: After selecting the appropriate wallpaper, precise measurements are taken of the walls where the wallpaper will be installed. This ensures getting the right quantity of wallpaper and avoids any size discrepancies.

Shopping and Purchasing: Based on your selection, the specialist assists you in purchasing the suitable wallpaper. They help you identify trusted suppliers and ensure the quality of the chosen wallpaper before making the purchase.

Wall Preparation: Before installing the wallpaper, the walls need to be prepared. This may involve cleaning the walls and removing any old or uneven layers. The walls will also be primed to ensure proper adhesion of the wallpaper.

Application and Installation: The wallpaper will be applied to the walls with precision and professionalism by a specialized team. Proper alignment of the design, correct installation, and straight lines will be ensured to achieve an aesthetically pleasing wall appearance.

Finishing and Cleanup: After installation, the site will be cleaned, and any mess or adhesive residue will be removed. Leaving the area clean and ready for immediate use.

By opting for the “selling wallpaper and installation” service, you can expect professional guidance in choosing the right wallpaper and a flawless installation process, resulting in a beautifully decorated space